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Looking for a steam steriliser? Steri-Sac is the microwave steam-sterilising bag that thousands of mums have used, or have seen used, in a number of U.K. hospitals. Steri-Sac sterilises baby bottles, teats, and breast-pump accessories in 3-5 minutes (so it's easy on electricity and your patience).  If it's good enough for the professionals, Steri-Sac is what you should be using.  Steri-Sac steam-sterilising bag is so easy and convenient to use at home. It doesn't need permanent space on your worktop, and uses only 60ml of water in each usage.  Steri-Sac is so handy it can be folded and carried in your change-bag or handbag, so Steri-Sac is also great on holiday, travelling, or a weekend at Grandma's.  Each Steri-Sac can be used up to 20 times (so it's economical!), and you have the confidence of knowing that Steri-Sac has been laboratory tested.

Buy the brilliant Steri-Sac steriliser bag here, at Babytend.

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OFFER: Order a 10-pack of Steri-Sacs and we will add one Steri-Sac free-of-charge. That's worth approx. £1.60

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We are a leading supplier of Steri-Sac, and more products will be added soon.  Please visit us regularly, and even send us your suggestions of products you would like to be available through this website.

About Us

As parents ourselves, we know the value of convenience and ease-of-use, that's why we are keen to promote the Steri-Sac steam-sterilising bag.  It doesn't fill your kitchen with loads of steam, and it doesn't use nasty-tasting chemicals.  Steri-Sac; modern, simple, convenient, and effective.

Our vision is to seek out and supply items which are modern, perhaps environmentally friendly, perhaps organic, but certainly useful to parents whose lifestyles may be busy, but who are keen to care for and tend to their baby's requirements in the best way possible. So use Steri-Sac, and check-out our range of organic bathtime products too; no chemicals here either, so they are very, very kind to baby's skin.