Whether you are breast-feeding, or whether you are expressing for later feeds,the items you use require careful and thorough cleansing to ensure you minimise the risk of bacteria being presented with baby's feed.  Sterilising baby feeding bottles and other items is, therefore, of major importance.  Now all these items can be sterilised quickly and efficiently using Steri-Sac, the modern way to ensure safe, clean bottles, teats, soothers & etc. 

Steri-Sac (pack of 5)

£ 8.65 

At 5 for £8.65, this is a more economical pack of Steri-Sac, the modern way to sterilise baby feeding items, breast-pump accessories & etc. They are great to have at home, so easy to store and use.  And easy to pop into your change-bag or handbag when out for few hours.

Each Steri-Sac can be used up to 20 times.

Pack of 5 for £8.65


Steri-Sac (pack of 10)

£ 16.35 

Our super-economy pack of 10 saves you money, but also provides you with a plentiful supply.

With this pack, you can even leave one or two at Grandma's house, to use when you visit. If there's a microwave oven, Steri-Sac is all you need, and you don't need to cart around any other equipment.

Each Steri-Sac can be used up to 20 times, so you are covered for quite a few weeks without running out.

Pack of 10 for £16.35